Bones And Sharks

 The Shark is a Marine creature. There are different types of sharks; additionally, they are various fits and sizes. However, as bizarre as it sounds that a shark has no bones in its body. The skeleton of a shark is comprised of a ligament. The ligament is the fundamental kind of connective tissue that is seen all through the body. It is additionally found in the extension of the nose, the ear flap, and the twisting joints of the human body. Ligament makes the body so adaptable and lighter than the bones. It assists sharks with making quick diverts and chases their prey from one side to another. And here the question exit that  How many bones does a Shark have ? or   What number of bones are in a Shark?  Animals that live submerged are known as cutthroat creatures. The Shark is a heartless creature. Shark goes under the fish arrangement. They believed that sharks have more bone than tiny vertebrates, yet it's false. Shark doesn't have bones in its body. And more about shark


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