Sunday, November 30, 2014


We traveled 13 hours - through 8 states - this year to give thanks with dear friends. I could write about the technical pieces of our trip: the fun the kids had, the sites that were seen, the food that was consumed (and how delicious it was). I am abundantly thankful for all of this, but there is something bigger; something greater than fun, food, and sites: friendship.

A friendship that has remained consistent in integrity, health and love through 20 years of moving, growing, and changing. A friendship that has intensified through disagreements, re-alignments, and family ideals. This friendship that started when we were a mere 12 years old.

A friendship that laughs through sleet, deep puddles, and crying babies.

A friendship that encourages through stressful, intense moments; the moments that often get covered up, except in the presence of those you most trust. Those that you know will love you regardless of your faults, anxieties, and insecurities. A friendship that celebrates differences and embraces similarities.

A frienship that hums love songs while playing Crazy 8's with the children. No holding back. A friendship that laughs hysterically even when it isn't that funny. A friendship that digs deep into the soul without condemnation. A friendship that includes the family; one where the dads embrace one another and spend a morning at the zoo with all the children while we talk and reminisce while preparing Thanksgiving dinner together.

A friendship that enjoys being together and remains strong while we are apart.

This kind of friendship is worth way more than a 13 hour drive.

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