Sunday, March 9, 2014

Winter Beauty

Capturing moments like this makes the long winters more bearable.

My Girls

My Girls. They grow more beautiful every day. I am overwhelmed by their grace, kindness, creativity, wit, and adventurous spirits. Their individual personalities add so much substance to my life. Someday soon, I hope to do a photo post all about my boys. With court coming up quickly (April 10th) to be exact, we are hoping for some sort of new direction. The foster limbo is exhausting, but we have a precious little guy to love on and nurture. A little guy who is full of smiles and loves the camera. I have folders full of photos just waiting to be shared with all of you. Until then, we will enjoy the girls. They are delightful, and they are mine, and I am blessed to be their mom.

Right Where We Are

Winter has been long and cold. We survive by living right where we are. Home. This is where we venture from. To walk through the woods to the ice rink, to drive five minute to cross country ski, to sled, and to explore endless hours in the woods,. This is where we are. It is home, and I am thankful.