Friday, October 18, 2013

Into the Unknown ~ The Beginning of our Fostering Journey

Months ago (ten to be exact), we decided to pursue foster care. Our intention is to adopt. All of our children are on board. We filled out mountains of paperwork, took hours of classes, worked through dozens of interviews, then filled out more paperwork. We re-arranged rooms then we waited....and waited....and waited. We carried on with our lives and shoved the idea into the back of our minds. Not so far back that we didn't think about it, but enough so that it was no longer an everyday thought. Then we got a call.

With a mixture of excitement and anxiety, I asked the casework what seemed like a million questions. Everything seemed to fit. I didn't commit. When dear hubby came home, we deliberated for hours. What if....What about....How....and CAN WE DO THIS? We went to bed with more questions and no solutions.

The next morning, my husband says, "I have decided that we are going to say yes." I think, "Okay, now what?" He says, "yes," but I am afraid. I can't shake the "what ifs?" I say, "okay, I will call the caseworker."

After talking with the caseworker, I felt better. More questions answered. A reasonable time frame presented.....let's meet next Wednesday for you to meet the little one and the current care provider. Then we can arrange another time for you to meet and play with the little one before you take this little one home. This was do-able for me. Let's ease into this; let it be easier.

Two hours later, I got another call: "Can you take the little one tomorrow?" Uh..... my thoughts whirled through my head...all the questions rising to the surface again. Yet, we say, "yes." That tomorrow is today. This afternoon we will pick up another addition to our family. We are not ashamed to say that we are scared out of our minds. We will be giving our hearts and love to the little one without knowing if this child will ever become ours. I don't know how to hold my heart back; I don't know how to give a little bit of love and reserve some for later....just in case. And I don't want to.

So, we move forward, fully aware that our hearts could be broken....ripped right out. We move forward because there is a greater joy that can replenish a broken heart. There is a greater joy that can fill the questions. We move forward because we trust that peace will invade our home and our hearts as we walk boldly, full of bravery. We are ready to love the next generation, to give of ourselves sacrificially, to honor others before ourselves.

We talk with our children. We prepare them (as best we can) for what might come. They will walk this journey with us. We are a family, and we come alongside one another.They are excited. They remind us that the little one will need a toothbrush.

 My heart races, then calms. I think, "how do I introduce myself to this 17 month old little one?" Then I know, in my heart the answer, "with love." My heart calms, I take a deep breath, and I say, "yes, I am ready for this. I am ready for the journey. I am ready for the hard climbs and the easy slopes. I am ready for the sharp rocks and the rushing rivers. I am ready for whatever the journey offers us. I am ready to love, learn, and grow."

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A video and a contest

We have entered another Video Contest. With a house full of girls who love American Girl dolls and a husband who loves to make videos, what else is there to expect? This was probably the most challenging video we have ever made. We needed to capture our three year old and her "sweet moments" with her Bitty Baby. We were not allowed any music so we got as creative as we could. The night we were finishing this video, Alan's video card kept crashing so he worked for hours cutting and pasting in order to export the video properly. It turned out lovely! It is really fun to capture our children in videos like see another play around with some fun angles...and to watch it over and over again.

The contest part has two phases....right now the contest is in the public voting phase. We would appreciate all your votes. You can vote once per day per email account! So, go to
and vote, vote, vote!!! Thank you all so much.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Summer Travels ~ Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

The day before we boarded our plane to head home, the older two and Daddy met up with the cousins and my brother at the "coolest museum, Mom!" I stayed back as the younger two are not that interested in museums yet (they will get there). I don't have much to share about this experience because I wasn't there. I do have lots of photos and can tell you that, according to my husband and older two children (ages 10 and 8), this is a must see if you are visiting Oregon. They could have spent another full day exploring. The highlight was definitely the Spruce Goose. What a treat to be able to sit in this plane!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer Travels ~ WaterFalls

We cannot take a trip to the Pacific Northwest without visiting one of our favorite places - Multonmah Falls. Maybe it is a favorite because it breaks up the long 8 hour car ride from Idaho back to Washington. Or maybe it is one of our favorites because it is a fairly easy hike with the reward of water at the end. Whatever the reasons, this is one spot that you will not want to miss if you are traveling out West. There can be a lot of people visiting with you (who doesn't want to see one of the biggest waterfalls in the United States). If you appreciate beauty and "awsomeness" (I just made that word up, I think) then you will love this place regardless of all those visiting with you.

Just over a mile, fairly steep, hike brings you to some of the most spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge and some fiercely falling water. We cannot resist stopping here every time we visit the West Coast. This year, we had wonderful friends hiking with us...making memories that we will share for years to come.