Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer Travels ~ Retired Life

Next stop, northern Washington, and welcome to the retired life. My parents are both "retired" but still work part time. They sold their house, bought an RV, moved away from the city, and are enjoying this stage of their lives.

We got a little taste after ten days with them. Swimming every day (in a heated pool), late night campfires, sailing on their boat, more friends and family, and pure relaxation.

This was the stop. There was no sight seeing, no attractions, no tourist activities. This was ten days of living vacation. Taking time to breath, taking time to play, taking time to play cards and just be together. This was time to make new memories and laugh together.

 My parents share what they learn with us; they share their lives with us. We learn from them; we grow, listening to their stories and seeing how their ideals have changed. We see their happiness with little to nothing. We see them embrace a new culture of living and enjoy it. My children see their grandparents relaxed. They see them unattached to things and attached to love and time.

 Yes, I think I like the retired life. 

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