Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Travels ~ Leaving the City

It takes hours to leave the city. Not because of actual distance but because the roads in Seattle cannot handle the masses of people that travel them everyday. We are boxed in on every side by cars....everyone going somewhere. We are just trying to get out and get to scarcely populated Idaho. I love the change of terrain as we drive. The change from mountains and green to rolling hills and brown.

We arrive in a heat wave. But the heat is bearable. There is no humidity; there are no bugs. The nights stretch on well into the night. We all venture outside when we really should be slipping off to bed.

We visit with family. My grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins and their kiddos. We talk about "when we were younger." We make memories. The kids swim and play with their new found friends.

We enjoy Idaho life: 4-wheelers, trap shooting (with my 86 year old grandfather), barns, thrift shopping, and just being together.

I love this place. It is familiar, it is welcoming, it is full of pieces of my life. And now pieces of my kiddos' lives. 

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