Thursday, April 18, 2013

Take A Walk

Most of you know that I write as the Children's Editor for an online minimalist footwear forum ToeSalad. Most of you know that I love finding new minimalist footwear for my family. But you may not know that we recently started taking barefoot walks.

What freedom (after the initial soreness when in contact with a sharp rock) to feel the cool pavement and then the warm pavement. To feel the soft, welcoming grass, to wiggle my toes in a warm puddle. My feet thank me for giving them the freedom to connect with the earth, to enjoy the richness of the mud.

We were created barefoot, yet we restrict our feet everyday. We all have reasons, be it "fashion" or  "support" or something else. I challenge you to throw off your shoes three times this week. Go outside barefoot; let your feet engage and enjoy creation. Then leave a comment and tell me how it went!

It is spring, kick off your feet casts and take a barefoot walk!


There is nothing like cousins. They are family; they are best friends.

For those cousins too far away: we miss you and love you. We cannot wait for the next time we get to see you all!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter

 Spring is finally on its way. It is time. Time for the snow to melt. Time for the trees to bud. Time for the mud and puddles to invade every corner of the yard. Time for the pavement to become our canvas. Time for brown everywhere. Time for new life.

 The transition of spring falls naturally with the rhythm of my life. It seems that spring knows just when to creep out from under the snow. When my body and mind are eager for less time snuggled under blankets reading and more time sitting in the warmth of the sun on the porch. Less time building a fire and more time working in the garden. Less time sleeping in and more time waking with the sun. Less time staying in after dinner due to cold and dark and more time playing outside.

 I do enjoy winter, but I embrace the beauty and readiness of spring. I naturally become more self reflective this time of year. It is when I do my deepest soul searching. Newness is everywhere around me, and it inspires me to dig deep within myself and hash through who I am and who I want to be.

 So I say hello to spring and goodbye to winter.