Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some Winter Knits

Some beautiful winter knits arrived this past Christmas. Hand made with tons of love by Grandma Lynn. My kiddos adore the new trend of animal hats, and they appreciate even more anything homemade. So, there were many squeals of delight and exclamations of joy when they opened their beautiful homemade hats.

Kaylynn received an adorable fox.

Jeremie absolutely loves sock monkies and Grandma's homemade hat was perfect.

Kalli in her kitty hat.

And my favorite....maybe because it is on the littlest.......maybe because she literally wears it all the time.....or possibly because it is a piggy (and I love pigs) and even has a tail in the back.

So if you see my little ones wearing these beautiful hats all credit goes to my dear mama who is a wonder with her knitting needles. I aim to have some lessons as soon as I can get out West to visit. I definitely need to be able to make some of this cuteness. Until then, my mama joyously fills all my requests for wash cloths, pot holders, and anything else she decides to surprise us with. Thank you mama for the beautiful hats!


Michele Y said...

I LOVE them also! And the piggy is my favorite! Maybe because of my daughter's love for piggies :-)

Karl Cushway said...
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