Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Time of Celebration

Birthday celebrations are eagerly welcomed in our house, and this weekend was packed full with celebrating two days in a row. Before the celebrations we usually spend weeks prepping for the individual's special day. Little giggles from the kitchen, shuffling while a child tries to hide an "in process" gift before the birthday child enters the room. I think the gift makers have just as much fun as the gift receiver. This year we prepped and planned for Cami's birthday. I found some special items on ebay that she was delighted to receive (a Rosie the train being one of those items). In fact, she is sleeping with it right now.

The birthday girl waiting for her "surprise"

But we also took some to time to re-purpose an old nightstand into a beautiful play kitchen (you know the ones all over pinterest). Alan's dad works at the transfer station and got us the faucet, knobs, and oven rack. I had some fabric stored away. We purchased paint and hardware, put in a lot of time, and we are pretty pleased with the results. More importantly, Cami is pleased.

The rest of the family pitched in to make some beautiful accessories for the kitchen. Grandma Kay made some perfect little aprons, pot holders, and dish towels. A dear friend of mine knit some beautiful donuts.  The kiddos took over the making of felt food, and were very proud of their finished product. We are stuffed full today of many delightful, imaginary dishes.We live in a culture of consumers, but I love being a family of intentional givers. And my little 3 year old was delighted to receive all of her purposeful gifts. 

Saturday we were blessed to celebrate with dear friends. We said goodbye that night feeling full, thankful, and looking forward to another day of celebrating with family. This morning started unexpectedly with our little birthday girl waking at 4:00am puking everywhere. Then big sister started in. After 2 hours of throwing up, all were finally back to sleep. When the girls woke again at 8:00 they were full of energy and ready to celebrate, but we already knew we had to cancel the party. Cami was so sad that her cousins could not join her today, but was comforted when I told her we would see them later in the week.

We went ahead and made a cake together because what is a birthday without some candles? Then Grandma and Papa stopped by (no worries for them about little ones getting the pukes) with their wonderful packages and shared in cake and ice cream. We played trains and kitchen all afternoon with a short break to watch a Tinker Bell movie (chosen, of course, by our little 3 year old).

To reflect back on this year makes me laugh out loud (literally). Cami is a natural entertainer and has such an infectious, beautiful laugh. I think it is fitting to end with some of my favorite Cami quotes of the year.

When caught in the bathroom unraveling the dental floss, she says, "It is not dental floss; it is Rapunzel hair."

"What's your name mom?"
Me: "Mommy."
Cami: "No, it's Pink Thomas the Train."

When caught covering the kitchen chair with wipes she says, "This is my Christmas tree, and these are the lights."

Every night before bed, "Mommy, please tell me a Train story." Then when I start to tell the story, she interrupts with the details that are most important, then tells me, "okay, now you can talk again."

In the car, big sister is telling us a story. Cami says, "SHHHHH Kaylynn, it is MY turn to talk now."

Whenever we drive by the train tracks, "Mom, look there's a train."
Me: "Where?"
Cami: "Just kidding; I tricked you."

Me: "Cami, when you turn 3, you will be a big girl, and it will be time to start using the potty."
Cami: "I don't want to turn 3; I just want to stay 2."

Every night when daddy comes home, she runs and jumps into his arms and says, "I missed you so much Daddy." Then gives him what we call Old Lady kisses (she puckers her lips as big as they can go then places a delicate, slow kiss right on his cheek.

Cami (all dressed up): "Bye mom, I am leaving. I will miss you."
Me: "Well, where are you going?"
Cami: "I am going to Vegas."

Cami: "Mommy, why does everyone want to kiss me all the time?"
(and she does get lots of kisses...the older siblings say that she is just so kissable).

Day one Cami says "Daddy, I am going to marry you."
Day two Cami says, "Mommy let's marry."
Day three Cami says, "I am going to marry Bob Bob (her cousin)."

She comes to me crying, I say "Cami what's wrong?"
She replies with folded arms: "I am not telling."

She is spirited, she is lovely, she is a ball of energy and fun. Happy Birthday to my dear 3 year old!

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