Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Handmade Home

I don't usually post about our creative endeavors or the handmade home improvements/decor we add to the house. I guess I feel like there are plenty of decorating blogs and pinterest ideas; I don't need to add to them. Yet, we have been creating so much in our home that I just simply have to share.

 I got a new sewing machine last month, and I have been a sewing maniac. I think before I show you what I have been sewing, I need to tell you a little bit about my sewing history

I took a sewing class in high school....I made a skirt and a a scarf. The skirt had a draw string waist not a zipper. I was able to wear it a couple of times before I ripped one of the seams. I never fixed it. The scarf was fleece. I simply cut a length of fleece and cut some fringe in the ends. I felt like a master, but really anyone over the age of 2 could make that scarf.

So, I didn't sew for years after that. About 3 years ago a friend gave me a sewing machine. I was excited to sew again; like a giddy little school girl. We used it to make simple pillow case dresses, some pillow covers, and many gifts. My biggest adventure with that particular sewing machine was a pair of Star Wars capes for my oldest two. I pulled out the pattern, cried and threw a fit because I was so overwhelmed, then handed everything over to my dear, patient husband.  He cut, pinned, and I did the sewing. Yes, this is how I function. One sleeve was longer than the other on my daughter's cape, and the hem was crooked on my son's. They didn't care, of course, they just loved them. I had one slight issue with this sewing machine. An issue that we couldn't seem to work out. It was a little temperamental and no amount of coaxing from me would change its mind. It had only two speeds....stop or full speed ahead. I simply cannot sew a straight line, and full speed ahead was not helping. So I started researching and found a sewing machine in our budget (which wasn't much), and the rest is history. It is a wonder how much more enjoyable it is to sew when my bobbin doesn't stick or I have to rip my seam out because it is too crooked.

I also realized that I do not like using a huge pattern. It is too overwhelming for me. So I stick to things that don't need a pattern.

 Like Pillow covers:

Curtains (for the girl's room):

 Individual pockets hung by each child's bed for all of their bedtime treasures (don't you just love their fabric choices):

I have a few skirts in mind (no pattern required) that I am planning on sewing next. I just love skirts for the summertime!

I am not the only one who has been busy. Alan went to work building some new beds for the kids. He took two weekends to build four beds. We had to fill some specific requests: Jeremie wanted his high, and Kalli wanted a ladder up to her bed. Kaylynn was in Okinawa while we built these (we did not tell her, and she returned fully surprised), but the other three had theirs hands in the entire work. Cami handing Daddy the screws, Jeremie screwing the screws in while Kalli held the level. I love this kind of family work. Here they are almost complete. We have to stain them yet, but we need to wait until we can leave the windows open all day.

Take note of Cami's bed (the bottom one). She is very particular about her blankets and what order they must be in for bedtime. She simply cannot sleep in her bed without her Thomas blanket, her blue "not Thomas Blanket," and her "made by Auntie Angie" blanket. These all go on in a certain order (not the same order) every night, and need to made up in a certain order every morning.

Jeremie's Loft Bed
(He has enough room to walk and play under which is necessary because his room is so small).

Jeremie's room photos would not be complete without including some photos of how he arranges his bed.

All of his "stuffies" have names and an order. He tucks them in every night. He has a corkboard covered with fabric behind them where he hangs his very important items. I love to see what he tacks up here (it is different every week).

We are not the only ones who have made for our home. My dear sister sent us some beautiful crocheted blankets for Christmas. Besides the beauties on the kids' beds, we have these two lovelies in our living room. What a treat to snuggle under these on a cold winter night.

I love having a handmade home. I have such an eclectic style that I really don't care if my living room decor matches perfectly. I like to surround myself with things that have meaning. Items that are not merely things but given or made with intention and full of love.

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Jennifer said...

I just love your bedside pockets AND the new bunk beds! Great job!