Friday, January 18, 2013

A Little Sampling

My kids have always enjoyed writing stories...they start by dictating their stories to me. A few years later, they begin writing their own words (mostly misspelled but generally easy to read).

Jeremie, my dear 7 year old, always says, "Mom, it would be so much easier to learn to spell if kids were the ones who decided the spelling of a word." Makes sense, right? Very should be spelled VRE. "Are" should simply be "R."

Then they mature into spelling longer, more difficult words and want to be challenged. I was so inspired by their recent works that I thought I would share a sampling here.

Jeremie (7)

Kaylynn has most recently take to writing poems. She wrote poems for all the grandparents for Christmas. They were delightful. This is one of my most recent favorites of hers.

A horse is standing at the gate
Her mane flowing in the wind
As she calmly chews grass.

Her tail flickers
Her ears perk
At every sound.

She gallops across the prairie
Through the setting sun
and waving grass;
She runs.

And Kalli (5). She dictates her stories to me; then she draws a picture. Most of her stories have to do with princesses or birthdays.

Renee at FIMBY recently shared a little about her family's writing curriculum: Freewrite. I echo strongly this free write philosophy. We have always incorporated free writing into our homeschooling writing time. I value this, and so do my children. They enjoy keeping their writing journals and reading through them from time to time like a book. A journal in the hands of every child: it is a gateway for creativity, expression, and adventure.

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