Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursdays ~ Poison Ivy Home Remedies and Bursts of Yellow

Another week of many things to be thankful for, of which I will only share two.

Poison Ivy Relief.
Kaylynn has had more battles with Poison Ivy (or poison Sumac) than I can count. Two years ago, it left her immobile on the couch with eyes swollen shut, Jewel weed packs all over her body, and still no relief. We have tried everything from boiling Jewel weed, tea tree oil, and organic lotions to Benedryl with little to no relief for my dear daughter. I am not willing to put her on steroids (which is what the next "recommended" step is) so this time around, I dug deeper. Our first line of defense is poison ivy soap which we wash her with almost daily. But when that is not around, she breaks out all over the place. In my search for a natural relief I found Lemons! Yes lemons.

I rubbed the lemon on her rash, and she had almost immediate relief for nearly 6 hours. It did burn a little, but the relief was worth it. Baking Soda and Vinegar paste was also a big hit. This has less of a burning sensation and provides the same relief. I am so thankful for these "in my cupboard" remedies because my poor daughter was miserable. Her beautiful smiles are back, and my hear swells with gratitude! We are going on vacation this weekend, and I am packing our poison Ivy soap and lots of lemons!

I am also thankful for Vibrant Yellow on the clothesline!

If you feel inspired and want to join in on Thankful Thursdays, please leave a link to your blog post so everyone can read about what you are thankful for. If you do not blog, please leave a comment and tell me what you are thankful for right now, this very moment.

 It is easier to live through the ugly when we look for the beauty.

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