Friday, July 6, 2012

Pretty In Pink

Kalli turned 5 last month! Once again, I find myself asking, "where has the time gone?" We celebrated in true Kalli style with lots of pink, lace, flowers, a beach trip, backyard fire, marshmellows, friends, and lots of family.

Kalli is my extremely shy, hide behind mama's leg kind of girl. She is the first one to rush to meet Daddy at the door when he comes home from work, and the first one to offer to make all the beds in the morning.

She has an infectious laugh; we cannot help but join in whether we know what she is laughing about or not.

Kalli is the only one of my children who asks to go to the grocery store just to watch the people.

 She is an observer, internal processor, and still a "princess" in everything she does. Lip gloss on her lips, nail polish on her toes, a dress with a skirt underneath, and she is ready for anything.

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