Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MOB Society Blog Hop

I am so excited to participate in the MOB society Blog Hop this year. Here is an opportunity for me to introduce my family while getting to know other families.
I have never done an "official" introduction on this blog so now is as good a time as any. So, pleased to meet all of you new readers and enjoy the "formal" introduction.

As a family,  we seek to live out the love of Christ in our community. We desire to share what that looks like with our children, teaching them that with love, grace, and thankfulness we can embrace those around us. Our favorite thing is being together. We are travelers and dreamers. We always have another adventure around the corner (whether it be next month or 5 years from now). We love exploring creation and challenging ourselves individually and collectively. In the fall, we hike. In the winter, we hike, sled, and ice skate. In the Spring, we hike. In the summer,our explorations keep us as close to a cool body of water as we can get whether that be a lake, ocean, river, or puddle.

As an individual,  I am a homeschooling mom of 4 crazy, wild, patient, excited, loud, compassionate children. I have three girls and one boy. Community (locally, nationally, and internationally) outreach is important to me, and I seek to instill that in my children as well through volunteering with the community garden, the library, and the local teen center. Internationally, we help support The Apparent Project by collecting cereal boxes and shipping them to Haiti. The artisans make beautiful jewelry out of the recycled cereal boxes. I teach private Spanish lessons. I am a writer. I keep this blog as the story of our lives with hopes that our stories may encourage other families. I also write, as the children's editor, for an online minimalist footwear website Toe Salad.
 I run. I dream. I play. I laugh. I dress up. I am spontaneous fun.

About my son
A big ball of fire, nicknamed Dash because he is always full speed ahead. A lover of all things that "go fast", including mini bikes, go-karts, and even golf carts.An architect (with Legos and Minecraft), a prayer warrior, a peacemaker, an explorer, a deep thinker, strong but very sensitive, compassionate, and full of silly facial expressions and fun which he loves to capture with the camera everyday.

His favorite photos are self-taken of the inside of his mouth 
which also means we get a great view of his nostrils.

In play, he loves Checkers, Legos, and Minecraft for organized sit down games. But more often, I will find him donning some odd costume which always has a character attached. A stealthy ninja, an explorer hunting dinosaurs, a stunt cyclelist, a cowboy wrangling the cattle, a circus clown, a "back then times" boy, or a brave knight fighting off a dragon which always includes Nerf swords, Daddy, and any other willing characters. 

And the girls
I know this is a blog hop about boys, but I also have three girls, and an introduction would not be complete without them. They are just as silly, fun loving, and adventuress as their brother (although in different ways). They are delightful, encouraging, and inspiring. Two of them love pink; one of them hates pink. Two of them love pretty dresses; one of them always wants pants. They all dance ballet and spend as much time in costume and goofing off as the rest of us.

I look forward to meeting all of you and your beautiful families!


Mattie said...

Visiting from the blog hop! Nice to "meet" you and your beautiful family! I have never heard of the Aparent project. As an adoption advocate/social worker, adoptive mama in the waiting, it sounds awesome and I'm headed there now to check it out!

Homeschooling6 said...

Hi, I'm Linda and I'm enjoying this blog hop. I have 5 boys and 1 girl.
Thank you for sharing a little bit about your family.

Buffi Neal said...

beautiful pictures & Family!
New follower from the Blog Hop
My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

Hannah said...

Hello from another mom of 4! Although, I have NO idea what it's like to mother a daughter. :) I am anxious to look up the Aparent project, as I've never heard of that! Very nice to meet you!

Deanna said...

Hello! Stopping by from the MOB Society blog hop. What a great family you have. Love the pics! I have 3 boys that keep me busy...although I am not real outdoorsy! Hiking wouldn't be top on my list. :) Looking forward to reading more about you.

Michele {A Life Surrendered} said...

What a beautiful family :) It made me choke up a bit when I saw all the girls. Sometimes it is a struggle for me at home -- I am sad for my boy not having a brother, but God has a good plan, I know :) What a blessing...

Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. I am here from the blog hop, as if you didn't know ;)

Rosilind Jukic said...

I am stopping by from the MOB blog hop (I'm still working through the list). What a lovely family you have. It's great meeting other moms of boys out there. Blessings from Croatia: A Little R & R:

sapna uppadhya said...

Very nice.....