Friday, June 15, 2012

Confidence: A Turtle Story

Driving home last night, I passed a large, what looked like a large rock, on the side of the highway. This "rock" appeared to have a tail and at least one leg. I whipped the car over to the shoulder, and cried out, "Kids! I think that was a real LIVE snapping turtle, and I think she wants to cross the road!" (I would not have known this had we not taken a class just a month prior at the Maine Wildlife Park. We learned all about how the mama turtles will cross the road in order to lay their eggs).

 Photo Credit (because I was too busy saving a turtle to take pictures).

 Imagine the excitement that filled the car as I turned around and pulled up right behind her. She was so still; we weren't sure if she was going to cross of if she had already crossed so we waited. Then she made her move, and I freaked. Oh no! This is a 50 mile an hour road. "Kids we need to save this Snappy Turtle." So I did what any sane mother would do, and I pulled my car onto the highway, set my flashers, told the kids to stay buckled, and I got out. As soon as I got out of my car, she started moving more quickly (afraid of me or maybe she knew I was helping) right into the oncoming traffic lane. Here again, I reacted in the most calm, civil manner. I started jumping up and down like a monkey, waving my arms, and shouting, "Stop! There's a turtle in the road; she needs to lay her eggs!" The car was not slowing down, so I inched my way toward the center line, all the while jumping, shouting, waving my arms, and yelling as loud as I could (as if the driver could actually hear me). The motorist finally stopped, and the little turtle continued on her way.

I turn around, and there is a long line of cars behind mine so I did what any awesome mother would do, and I give the entire line a big cheesy grin and double thumbs up, run back to my car, hop in, and drive away. My kids were so proud, "MOM! YOU WERE AWESOME!" We saved her, and that meant the world to them. Kaylynn, being my sentimental one, says, "Mom, we need to name her: Trust, Confidence, or Faith." Kalli pipes in, "I like Confidence."

We named her Confidence.

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