Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Easter Garden

Seasonal creations are so much fun for my little ones, and I enjoy them too! Recently, the weather has been especially "Springy" so we decided it was time to create our Easter Garden. This is our first year creating such a masterpiece, but we were so inspired by my sister in law and nephews last year that we looked forward to doing one this year. (You can see their Easter Garden from last year here). The kids were very intentional about the flowers they chose, the rocks for Jesus' tomb, and the Playmobil people that they insisted on putting in the garden. The scene is complete with Jesus in the tomb (and yes he will be there until Easter when we roll away the stone.....a little longer than 3 days), guards in front of the tomb, girls sinking in the mud (per Jeremie), and a few climbing trees (for good measure, I suppose).

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