Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kaylynn's Haiku

Kaylynn wrote this Haiku yesterday. I was delighted with it, and I figured you would enjoy it too!

The water sparkling
In the stream nearby calling
Us to it's big banks.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twists and Turns

Life is a journey. One full of various stages, most of them not lasting an entire lifetime.
Sometimes we embrace their exit and other times we mourn.

As a mother I have had to embrace many different stages as my children have grown and changed. Many of them have been opportunities for growth and rejoicing, but some of them cause a deep sense of loss and mourning.

Nap Time
(I know you totally thought I was going to say something inspirational or intense.....keep reading)!

The time when the littlest is quietly slumbering in dreamland....

not screaming MINE about every toy, book, shoe, shirt, or piece of food in the house.....
finding the markers that were stuffed behind the couch then successfully coloring all over her feet, the window, the wall, the chair, the heater and big sister's back
before mommy figures it out,
eating the kitty food,
taking her noodles and wrapping them around her toes
sitting on the cat...
stuffing wadfuls of fuzz into her mouth
pulling big sister's doll's hair out just to eat it
bruising her head by running, jumping, climbing, smashing, crawling, playing, sliding, riding, reading, or anything else that involves moving

But just sleeping silently, breathing deeply, and possibly soaking the mattress with drool.
(insert beautiful, soft music here)

With Kaylynn I embraced the napping phase until she was 4 years old....Jeremie was done napping at 2 and a half, Kalli done napping at 2, and Cami, well she was done napping as of last week when she decided to jump out of her crib.
Yes I did say JUMP...complete with the floor shaking thud, the screaming, and (dare I say it here) the bloody nose. Her remark when I reached mommy horror meter rising....was "I jump bed!"

She escaped. No more confining crib to keep her in and force her to take those precious, slumbering hours. Mommy "lays down the law," she giggles, and is up out of bed as soon as I leave the room, running into brother's room, climbing up onto his bed, jumping again.

I put her back to bed, check on her later when all is quiet (naively thinking that she must be asleep). She is sitting on top of the dresser next to the cat looking out the window, "I look winow mama." How she got up on top of the dresser is beyond me. I think she has some sort of human super powers that we have not discovered yet....maybe a camera in her room will reveal her bursting into flames, running up the walls, disappearing, or doing strength training with the beds.

Mommy tries laying next to her, and she whispers to me..."no nigh nigh mama." So, with a sigh (some battles are just not worth it), we get up, play outside, eat a snack, grab the pen just before she scribbles all over the library book, and think maybe this is not going to be so bad. Maybe she doesn't need to nap anymore. This isn't the first time I have been wrong; come dinnertime her super powers needed re-charging.