Monday, December 5, 2011

In Which She Turns 9

It's hard to believe that my once tiny little baby is now 9 years old. I remember holding her small 6 pound frame and how fragile she felt (I am entitled to some reminiscing). We celebrated in true Kaylynn style...complete with thwarted plans due to our spontaneity. We started the day with breakfast at Kaylynn's favorite place: the Cafe Nomad. Then we decided to venture up to Augusta to visit the Children's museum only to find it closed for remodeling (note lack of planning here). So, here we were with an expectant birthday girl and no idea what to do. Thank the Lord for parks and water! We had a blast running, playing tag, lava monsters, swinging, and enjoying a picnic lunch.

She is growing into such a big girl!

And getting STRONGER!

I put this photo on here because we truly have about 30 of the playground

(all taken by Kalli and Jeremie). I love the kid's eye view.

Kaylynn also enjoys taking pics.

Our best pouty faces

PRESENT TIME!!!! Kaylynn is easy to please and appreciates anything homemade. She LOVES "back then" times and understands how much hard work goes into making a gift. So, imagine her delight when gift time came and nearly everything she opened was homemade: A felt doll made by Kalli (with help from Jeremie), American Girl accessories made by her cousins, a journal made by Auntie Louise and Uncle Brian, her very own moccasins made by daddy, and a quilt (yes my very first) made by me!

This hat was not homemade but picked out by Jeremie especially for his sister. She adores it and wears it everywhere. She does have a hat fetish and almost always has some sort of head covering....a bonnet, a winter hat, a baseball cap, a hood, a knitted hat, a beret.....really anything.

Everyone inspecting the moccasins Daddy made.

Kaylynn and the quilt. I cannot tell you how pleased I was to have this kind of reaction! I was so nervous. I am not an experience seamstress. I do not sew straight, but I love sewing, and I love fabric! The quilt was crooked but still absolutely beautiful to my sweet daughter.

And of course cake time!

And here is the quilt on her bed (this photo taken by Kaylynn). The last birthday gift was another American Girl doll purchased with her very own money (she was so proud). She saved for months and was able to buy it after she was given some birthday money from relatives! I feel so blessed to watch my daughter grow into a young lady. A young lady who loves the LORD and loves life. She teaches me everyday to laugh, have fun, and embrace all that God has to give. Although, I am not so sure how I feel about her growing up....some days I do wish there was some way to slow that down.

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