Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Circus

We do things rather spontaneously around here, and I guess I kind of like it that way. This usually means that we have some crazy fun but may not always be super organized. Kaylynn decided that she wanted to have a circus so we ran with the idea. Check out books from the library about the circus, decide on an act, gather up the cousins, practice, practice, practice, enlist daddy to turn the living room into the Big top, make some popcorn, give daddy a viking hat, tie, and suspenders and call him the ringmaster, invite Grandma and Grandpa to come watch, and you get one Super Fun, Extremely crazy Johnson Circus!!!

The kids chugged around the house in their circus train led by conductor Ean. They all made their own train car then followed as Ean led them around the house until they "arrived" at the Big Top.
Cami just enjoyed the popcorn.

Kaylynn played some fun circus music.

Jeremie and Jaden were our clowns, and they were quite the entertainment.

They even tried juggling.

But their favorite was jumping through the RING OF FIRE!

Kaylynn took her act very seriously and practiced diligently for her balance beam act.

Cami even wanted to do the balance beam (along with all the other children).

Kaylynn's second time on the balance beam.

Kalli was our "pretty" girl, and even she wanted to try the balance beam.

I did some juggling ( I bet you didn't know I could juggle)....

well I juggle good enough for the Johnson Circus anyway!

We had a wonderful afternoon full of many great acts not picuted here including: a gazelle (done by Gabe), the two headed child (done by Kaylynn and Jeremie...they were quite intimidating), a dancing baby monkey (done by cousin Bob), a magic trick by Uncle Brian, and a super fun ice cream fight (inpsired by Pipi Longstocking)...well fun until the kids got too cold. Be a circus banner, get some sheets for the Big Top, put some costumes together, and have a circus! It is such a blast!

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