Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Bit Of Fun

For the past three years, we have taken at least one trip to Funtown/Splashtown (thanks to Alan's mom and dad). What can I say....we are thrill seekers when it comes to rides and adrenaline rush. This year Kalli was old enough to go as well. Such wonderful memories with the kiddos.

Kalli LOVED this little canoe ride. She literally sat there as though she were gliding steadily down a beautiful river, looking all around her at the scenery. She was so still; it was so fun to watch.

Then there's Jeremie who is our "full throttle" kid. He decided that he wanted to catch Kalli's canoe so he rocked his back and forth to make it go faster (way to have a homeschooling lesson at the funpark)! And as you can see, he did catch her....then he had no where to go. When he got off, he said, "mom it was just too slow so I made it go faster."

This photo was taken right before the ride started. They were so good until Jeremie realized that he could control it from both his side and Kalli's and made it jerk up and down so that the whole ride jerked then all the other children followed suit. Ugh....some days I am so thankful for, and other days, I just shake my head and offer gracious correction.
Then there is our massive thrill seeker. Last year, Kaylynn really wanted to go on the Dragon's Descent, but she was too short. This year she was just tall enough so of course she had to do it! She went with daddy first. He coached her (although she wasn't really scared at all). This ride goes up I don't know how far, sits at the top for 15 seconds then drops! It is a HUGE rush, and I don't even know why I go on it. After daddy took her, she wanted to go again so I took her. I am much more aprehensive and kept saying, "why am I doing this again?" Kaylynn says, "Mom, it's okay, just will be fine." I love my 8 year old! So we drop, and I scream (yes all the way down), and Kaylynn.....she WAVES to daddy below, and I hear her shouting, "HI DAD!"

Splashtown is full of fun water rides, and the kids enjoyed playing on all of them. It took Kalli some time to get comfortable one them, but once she was, she had a blast. And of course wanted to keep going on the "pink" one because pink is not scary.

Cami stayed with Gramma Kay and Papa Les and had a great time. I had to take this picture (even though it is blurry) because I thought it was so cute that she was wearing Kaylynn's Five Fingers.

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