Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daddy's Sandals

I have shared a little bit about my personal "foot journey" and why I have chosen to use more minimalist footwear, and now it is time to share a little of Alan's story. Alan has an allergy to the rubber used in standard sandals. He has tried cheap Walmart sandals, Tevas, Chacos, you name it, he has tried it and the story always ends the same....with sores on his feet. So this summer, he wanted to try something different. He went ahead and ordered a "make your own kit" from Luna Sandals (which came with the Vibram sole, glue, and a leather strap). Overall, he has been very happy with them, and I think we will make a pair for each one of use next year!

First he traced his foot on a white piece of paper, then cut it out and traced it onto the Vibram sole. Then using an exacto knife, he cut the sole out.

He used the same pattern to trace and cut the leather footbed. Again, he is allergic to the rubber on the standard sole, so he used leather that we had at home. He cut it out and glued it to the Vibram sole.
Then he put his foot on the footbed and cut slits where he wanted the straps to go. The standard directions for the sandals recommend having the leather strap come up right between the toes but because Alan simply cannot stand having anything come up between his toes, he cut the slits so the strap could go across his foot.
Tying the knot beneath the sole.

The finished product and no sores on his feet this summer!


renee @ FIMBY said...

This really cool Alan & Charity.

We met Barefoot Ted of Luna Sandals at OR. What a cool guy to meet.

I thinking makes your own shoes is just really neat!

Damien said...

Great project!

How does he like that stretch equus leather for the straps? I haven't tried that before, but I have heard good things about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Damien! Alan here. I really like the leather itself. The only problem I had was that the length of strapping they give you is not long enough if you want to customize the lacing. Other than that, they are great, and I really had fun making them!