Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creativity Abounds

I have never considered myself to be super creative. I mean, I keep a scrapbook (very loosely) for each of the children, I enjoy painting, I can draw stick figures pretty well, and I can sew a costume good enough for any child. Generally speaking, though, all of my creative pursuits are because I have been inspired by someone else. So, when people ask me how I got to be so creative, I tell them: "I am not creative, I am just really good at re-producing." Because most of what I do is someone else's idea.

So, here I have made a beach treasure bag for one of Kaylynn and Kalli's little friends. I was inspired by Amanda Blake Soule in her book "A Handmade Home." I LOVE all of her ideas and plan to re-create many of them in the coming months. I really enjoyed making this bag re-purposing old materials (a scrap of fabric that I loved and just couldn't get rid of...but never had a use for, leftover screening, ribbon left over from pillowcase dresses, and of course the bright orange thread). The only thing new on this bag was the double fold bias tape (which I had never used before and found it very useful). Now that it's done, my own children are waiting expectantly for theirs. I think this might be a favorite to also re-create for nieces and nephews. Oh, by the way, it only took me about 3 hours total (that includes re-doing the straps because I sewed them on incorrectly), and I am NOT an accomplished seamstress by any means so it is a great starter project!

My kids, on the other hand, are super creative and often create out of their own imagination rather than simply re-producing something that someone else has done.

Jeremie created this playground out of Popsicle sticks and paper. He stuck the Lego girl in their for good measure.

Kaylynn wanted to make something for her friend's doll. So, she decided on a sleeping bag and matching pillow. She chose the fabric and sewed the entire thing by herself. She is better at it than I am!

So, I guess Jeremie does do some re-producing (I am certain we all do). Inspired by his sister, he decided to make a sleeping bag and pillow for his Lego guy. This project proved more difficult than he imagined, and he enlisted my help but in the end he got just what he wanted.

And Daddy creates! My kiddos have learned all of their creativity from their daddy. Alan can pick up any material and make it into something different. We bought a large amount of leather because it was so inexpensive and he just knew he could do something with it. Well, here he is making the first (of many) leather sheath. He does not have any leather tools; he just used a hammer and a nail, and his imagination! This was the first one, and he has "improved" upon the design many times...since Jeremie requested he make one for his friend and also his cousins.

We love creating or re-creating and spending that time working together! What a sense of accomplishment we feel when we realize that we actually "made" that!

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