Friday, June 24, 2011

Ten Year Lilies

Alan and I are coming up on our ten year anniversary which has put both of us in a stage of reflection and evaluation so many of my posts may possibly have something to do with marriage or thoughts about the last ten years of our lives together.

I was actually thinking about our marriage two weeks ago as I walked the trash out to the dumpster and growing right next to the dumpster was a beautiful brand new Lily plant. And to make it even more exciting, the lilies were yellow. Yellow lilies just happen to be my favorite flower, and they also just happen to be the flower used in our wedding bouquets. I was literally jumping with joy as I ran inside to find some scissors so I could cut just one lily to put on our kitchen table. I could hardly believe it: A brand new lilly plant for our ten year anniversary!

Now, this story becomes quite humorous (at least it is now).....which will explain why I only picked one lily. The day after our wedding we went back to my parent's house to open all of our gifts with friends and family. My mom had brought all the flowers back to the house and placed them strategically around the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms for added beauty....and of course fragrance. Not ten minutes after we arrived, Alan started sneezing like crazy. It turns out, he is extremely allergic to lilies (or at least that particular type in large quantities) so we gathered up all the beautiful flowers and set them on the back porch which is where they stayed until Alan and I left.


Anonymous said...

I loved the stories and pics of the kids. You are such a talented writer. I love and miss you guys.

Tanya said...

So funny! Daniel is not allergic to lilies, but the smell of them makes him noxious. I have one lily planted by my front door that has no fragrance. That way we can both be happy. :)