Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He turns 6!

It's inevitable: children grow up. I love watching my children grow and change, but I do not welcome the thought that eventually they will grow into adults and move away. So, I do my best to cherish each and every moment that I have with them now (not always so easy when they are testing their limits). I have watched my son grow into a young man this last year. He has become such a servant. He encourages his sisters and has really stepped up to the challenge of being THE brother. He has also grown into much more creative mischief which keeps me on my toes and sometimes leaves me wanting to pull my hair out at the end of the day. We celebrated him exactly the way he wanted to.....a quiet party with just a few of his friends (he is not into crowds), a yummy dinner, swimming, and of course....a Minecraft cake (which he helped with). If you haven't heard of it, Minecraft is a computer game in which you can build houses, castles, farms, gardens, and many other things.....but you are doing it all with square blocks.
So, we made a Minecraft cake of bedrock and grass...complete with some Playmobil trees and a guy (although Jeremie did point out that the guy isn't really Minecraft because he is not square).

Jeremie's Minecraft house (made with square cupcakes).
He had fun helping me frost it.

Eating bedrock.


And his very own Nerf gun.


Jennifer said...

okay, you didn't tell me you had made a minecraft cake before! My boys are sooo into minecraft, great job! The princess cake was wonderful too BTW! Thanks for having us!

Johnson Family said...

Yes, Jen! If you ever want to use the square cupcake pans to make one yourself, you are more than welcome to!