Thursday, April 21, 2011

Star Wars and Sewing?

We planned a Star Wars Open House Night for the Teen Center. This was a HUGE event and went very well! Of course, we had some honored guests (the 501st legion) which is the costuming club that Alan is a part of. We had an Awesome Vader and some great StormTroopers all movie cannon! Alan worked diligently on my Padme costume (I don't have any pictures), and it turned out very well. Many of the teens came in costume and enjoyed Light Saber wars, Star Wars Trivia, and the best part of all, the Canteena Band!!! Our staff at the teen center really got into this and had some very creative costumes. They all participated in the Canteena Band and we danced the night away. Here are the costumes I made for the kids (except the Princess Leia one). I had so much fun sewing, sewing, sewing. The best part about it was the kids' thankfulness. I love blessing my kids, and they were "blown away" by my expertise. I am so glad that children look at the whole picture and not the details. If they did, they would have seen the unmatched seams, the one sleeve that was longer than the other, and the funny stitching behind the hood. Every inch was sewn with love and tenderness, and that is all they care about!

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