Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rainy, Snowy Easter Eve

I woke up yesterday morning hoping for another beautiful spring day, but I was quickly discouraged when I opened up the curtain and saw WIND and SNOW!!! This is the end of April, but what a wonderful opportunity to do some indoor projects that have just been waiting for us! We took an extended breakfast so we could indulge in our new Mad Lib book. We absolutely LOVE Mad Libs not just because they are funny but also because what my kids learn about adjectives, adverbs, nouns, etc. We all take turns inserting our favorite exclamations or nouns then roll with laughter when the story is read.

Then onto some drawing. Alan started this sketch (I bet you never knew he could draw) for Jeremie and is still working on it, but here are some of the phases of his masterpiece which will be framed and hung in Jeremie's room when it is finished.

While Daddy was drawing, Kalli was making her own envelopes.

And here is Jeremie's masterpiece of the day which is already framed and hung in his bedroom.
Notice the ship, the sea monster, and the birds. He was especially proud of his birds.

Pyramids are always a fun way to pass the time. We did not get a photo of our enitre family pyramid because...well....there was no one to take the photo. But SUDDENLY the pyramid turned into a boat that was caught up in a great seastorm, and the children were spilling out of the boat into the raging waters while the boat split in two!

And I got to start a project I have been waiting oh so patiently to start.....pillowcase dresses for the girls! My dear friend, Tamara, gave me this idea, and it is really very simple. The girls and I took a quick trip to the local thrift shop and bought an armful of pillowcases to start with. I was so happy with the end result. Kalli's is the only one completely finished. I am going to add pockets to Cami's and Kaylynn wants a shirt instead of a dress. I will post pictures of those when I finish them. I made them a bit long so the girls could grow into them, but you can make them whatever length you want. These were super easy and quick. So, if you are a busy mom (like me), these are a perfect sewing project. Cousin Audrey, yours is next...the girls picked a cute pillowcase for your dress; I cannot wait to sew it and send it off. Who knows....maybe Tamara and I will start selling some in craft fairs this summer and fall.

We ended the day with our traditional Easter Eve events: family fun that leaves us all thankful, blessed, excited, and tired! I enjoyed the day at home doing our various projects, but I was so thankful when the sun came out again today and temperature reached 60!!!!


Jennifer said...

I love the pillowcase dress! A couple of friends from my MOPS group and I are planning to get together and sew some of these dresses to send to children overseas. Now I know someone first hand who's made these I can ask for advice! Great job!

Alan and Charity said...

Jen, that is a great idea! I intend to make some for the children in Haiti. They are so fun and so cute!