Thursday, April 21, 2011

A pair of Red Shoes

Many of you know about our transition from standard footwear to minimalist footwear. I did start another blog with my first few footwear reviews, but I simply do not have the time to keep up with both, AND I don't have a whole lot more to say about feet. So, occasionally, you might find a little blurb on this blog about shoes. This one is all about Kaylynn's new shoes. We recently ordered her a pair of the VivoBarefoot Pally. These are a super cute Mary Jane style shoe, and she absolutely LOVES them. I have to mention that never would we spend $65 on a single pair of shoes for any one of our children (it's just not in our budget), but we received a timely $50 off coupon from Terra Plana in the mail, and since Kaylynn was the one in need of new shoes, we picked these up for $15!

"Mom! they are super light!" she exclaimed the minute she took them out of the box. "And mom, look at the box, I can keep this and use it for my special treasures!" (and she has many, many special treasures). Then she put them on. We ordered a couple sizes larger so she could grow a bit, and it worked perfectly. She can wear them now but has room enough to grow into them. She wore them around the house all day long and EVERY time I came into the room, she had something new to say about them, "they are super light," "I LOVE the color," "they are super stretchy," "I can jump higher in these shoes, mom." The only negative comment she had was that they hurt her heel, but after wearing them for a couple of weeks, she says they don't hurt anymore. I believe this might have been because she was not used to the barefoot style.

Jeremie also had his own thoughts and impressions. My favorite: "Kaylynn, they are like ninja shoes! You are so quiet when you walk around the house!"

So, there you have the thoughts of my 8 year old and my 5 year old. I would encourage any of you who have problems with your feet to invest the time in researching minimalist footwear. We are part of a great resource called Toe Salad. If you have questions, this is a good place to start.

And because I have been asked, I will also add that for infant footwear, we use Robeez, and I recently came across some cute shoes for outdoor use called Skidders. Cami LOVES hers, and I feel happy knowing that her feet are free to be feet while still being protected!

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