Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Every Girl's Dream

Every girl I have ever asked has admitted that one time in their life they wanted a horse. Maybe it's the thought of riding freely through a huge field or hearing the ocean splash against the shore as the horses hooves thud across the sand. Whatever it is, there is something deliciously intriguing about horses. Well, Kaylynn has been asking for a horse for the past year and we have to keep saying no (for various reasons). So, three days ago, she decided to make one. This is definitely a step up from the organ bench I used as a horse when I was a little girl. She is so creative, and I am a proud mama.

The beginning....figuring out what to use as the legs and body....the first try was a box, and she quickly realized that a box would not hold her weight.

Some finishing touches.

And off she rides!

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Jennifer said...

SOOO creative! Looks like fun too!