Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Cami is nearly 1 and has so much personality!!!! She has a new shoe fetish (we are trying to encourage the minimalist footwear, but for some reason she LOVES boots!).

Notice the drool....she has two teeth coming in.

She also loves to climb in and out of drawers, boxes, crates, or anything else.

Getting ready for her fashion show. She has wonderful designers (Jeremie, Kaylynn, and Kalli).

Climbing in a book box. Gotta love the little kick of the foot.

And her FAVORITE.....MARKERS!!!! Cami has such a thing for markers and ALWAYS has one (or more than one) in her hand. I don't know how she gets them, but once she does she either stashes them under the heater or in Rodeo's kitty door hole so she will always have one when she wants one. I just make sure the lids are on tight, and if they aren't then she winds up with blue mouth....and for some reason it always winds up blue.
And she is walking! I will post video soon.

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