Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, we are home and finally back into a routine after our AMAZING one week trip to Disney World with some very cool people. We have been planning this trip with the Ungren family for almost 2 years now, and it was so exciting to have it here finally. There are way too many pictures to share all of them so please check out the slide show at the bottom of the blog (just scroll all the way down). I will post some of our favorite videos here. So much happened that I can hardly remember it all. I have to say that the most fun was watching our kids enjoy all the magic of Disney....although keeping track of 8 children was at times a bit stressful. So many times saying, "AGAIN, CAN WE PLEASE DO THAT AGAIN?!" And all the shows....the kids were so impressed. Kalli even had "water eyes" while watching Beauty and the Beast. Late nights watching parades and fireworks, early mornings, HUGE bags of packed sandwiches for lunch, and many fond memories. Jeremie lost his first tooth in Animal Kingdom. Kaylynn was our thrill seeker going on anything fast, dark, and wild. Cami got her first major owie (falling over backwards onto the concrete made a rush for the first aid station). We had dinner with the princesses which was quite exciting for the eat in a "real" castle. Alan and I were busy entertaining Cami as she was throwing everything on the floor and screaming at every chance she got. Then back and forth trips to the bathroom with Kalli who had a belly ache. And Jeremie and the Ungren boys sword fighting in the middle of all of this made for an unforgettable evening. If you do look at the slide show, you might see John and Jolene snuggling during dinner in their quiet little corner which made it even more fun! We had a vacation full of laughter and fun and were sad to leave our good friends but also happy to be home again.

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