Monday, February 28, 2011

Celebrating 30!!!!

My 30th birthday was just like any other birthday...a day to feel honored by my wonderful husband and children and a time to celebrate with family and friends. I have always loved birthdays, my own included. I really love any excuse to celebrate, but birthdays have always been extra special for me. My husband knows exactly what I need to feel honored, and I am so thankful. He completely surprised me this year (which he has tried in the past but has not always been successful). We woke up late which instantly stressed me out. "Honey, get up, you have to be at work right now!!!" I jumped out of bed, slipped my boots on and started shoveling because we had also woken up to a very large snow storm. I only got him halfway shoveled out before the snow plow guy generously plowed us out. All this time, I am thinking that Alan is inside getting ready for work. Well, he came out all dressed and ready for work. I gave him a kiss goodbye, waved as he drove down the road, and snuggled myself back into bed (taking advantage of the time change from the west coast and the fact that all the kids were still sleeping). I woke up to the most wonderful breakfast smells (at 10:00). I was so nervous, I started climbing out of bed, but then my entire family came in singing Happy Birthday! Alan had taken the day off to shower me with love, gifts, and attention. He had planned a party for the evening which had to be re-scheduled due to the weather. (As I recall, my 16th birthday party had to be re-scheduled as well because of an ice storm). So, we spent the day playing in the snow, playing board games, receiving many phone calls from lots of loved ones, and relaxing by the fire which was so inviting after a day out in the snow. All of this after my sister showered me with beautiful, intentional gifts and love while we were visiting Washington. My favorite being the homemade mustard yellow hat that she crocheted for me! She took such great time and effort making it for me. I will post a picture of the hat later. Oh yes, then the party with so many wonderful people, complete with a pinata!!!! (We let the kids hit is as well hehe) Thanks to all of you who made my 30th so wonderfully special!!!!


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