Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Jeremie has been wanting to do hockey for the past couple of years, and it finally worked out this year. He has had so much fun with it, and it has definitely improved his skating. He is actually controlled in his skating now whereas before he was full throttle all the way until he crashed. There are no games at his age which is nice...just learning the basics and some drills. We do not plan to continue with this in the future (as hockey can get very expensive), but for now it is a great activity for him!

Ice Skating

We have this great outdoor ice rink right close to the house. We just walk through the woods and there we are. This year, Alan and I actually get to skate as well because Kalli LOVES to pull Cami around in the sled, and Cami loves to be pulled. woohoo! Alan and I also got to hold hands while we walked to the rink because all the kids were pulling the sleds. What wonderful little helpers we have!


There are far too many pictures to post of our very fabulous trip out West for my brother's wedding and Christmas! After our long flight out there (which the kids did great!) I never know what to expect, but I prayed for days leading up to our departure, and the kids had a wonderful flight and were so excited to see Grandpa Tom and new Aunt Maggie at the airport! We enjoyed grandparent snuggles, late night movies, wrestling with Uncle Will, crafting with Grandma Lynn, a trip to the children's museum with Aunt Lacey, David, and Nathen, play time with the Ungrens, visiting with the Hamblets, playing with the Goodrich cousins, meeting all of our new family members, and a beautiful wedding. Jeremie, Kaylynn, and Kalli were all in the wedding, but of course Kalli refused to walk in right at the last minute. She looked cute anyway. We had a great time and miss all of you terribly, but we are so happy to be home with Alan. We will never again travel for two weeks without him. We missed him way too much!

A Walk in the Woods

There is a little trail not far from the house that we enjoy walking, Ordway Grove. We can use it to walk right to the lake. There are some huge boulders here that the kids love to climb on.

Kaylynn Creates

In November, Kaylynn was the guest of honor to a birthday part tea. She even received a formal invitation in the mail complete with a wax seal. She spent a couple weeks making the most perfect gift for her dear friend: a milkweed friendship pillow. She gathered the milkweed silk in the summer and used it as stuffing for this beautiful pillow. Kaylynn has such a generous heart, and I love to see her gift in action.

And of course she was requested to come in full costume (a Victorian tea) so this is the outfit she picked out...put together with pieces from her dress up box.

And of course, Josefina had to get dressed up and attend the tea as well.

Kiddo fun!

Christmas Crafting

We enjoyed crafting most of our Christmas gifts this year, although I think next year we will start sooner. We made soap, lip balm, fun hair things, letter tiles, bean bags, and so much more! Here are some pics. I know these posts are lacking explanation, but I am just trying to get caught up and share all the pictures.

Jeremie's Faces

When Jeremie gets a hold of the camera, it always provides a good laugh for the rest of us! I hope you enjoy too!