Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We finally got Kalli a kitten for her birthday. She has been asking for one for months. I never thought I would be one to blog about a cat, but here I am, and we LOVE him. We adopted him from the shelter....and when Kalli walked up to his cage, he smelled her hand then did a backflip. So we took him home. He is so tolerant. He is very gentle with Cami and puts up with Kalli. She calls him her "little Honey Bunny," and says things like, "don't worry honey bunny, mommy is home now." It is way too super cute! Plus, he falls asleep in the most peculiar places and positions. Jeremie named him, and Rodeo is a very fitting name. He purrs so loudly (and I am not being partial...everyone who meets him says the same). I even lost him one day (well...turns out Kalli stuffed him in a drawer because "he wanted to be in there.") and found him not because he was meowing but because he was purring so loudly!

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