Monday, September 13, 2010


Cami sucks her high chair! She gets a kick out of sucking
the spilled oatmeal off her highchair tray!

Messy Baby enjoying her dinner.

Cami is sitting up now! Yeah! She also gets herself up on hands and knees and rocks herself back and forth. She will be crawling in no time (I don't think I am ready for that). I am sure this one will keep us on our toes. She has already rolled herself out of her swing, nearly out of her bouncy seat and rolled herself across the floor to the fire gate and tried to pull it down on herself. Yup, she is a busy one!

So, the nickname that has stuck has been "The CAMSTER!"
Now we have Peanut (Kaylynn), Zilla (Jeremie), Super Kal (Kalli), and Camster (Cami).
Our kids will thank us when they are older.

Super Cami! Baby by day, masked super-hero by night!

Cami LOVES to suck on her toes. She is the only one out of all the children that has done this.
I find her all the time with her toes in her mouth.

Here she has her foot right up near her mouth trying to put
both foot and hand in her mouth at the same time.

Cami is such an easy baby. She puts herself to sleep often.
She just fusses for a bit then falls asleep where ever she is.

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