Friday, April 23, 2010

Cami Rose

Cami Rose is here! (well...she has been for about a month now....I think I'm doing pretty good updating after only a month). She fits right in. Jeremie LOVES her to pieces and takes such good care of her and his other two sisters. He is so proud to have three sisters. Kalli treats her like a doll and is always coming to get me whenever she is crying..."mommy, the baby is crying for you....mommy she needs a diaper change....mommy she is HUMBRY." Kaylynn is still a great biggest sister. She helps get Cami dressed, she helps the other two with their chores. She has turned into quite a servant. I love seeing them interact!!!

Kalli likes to hold Cami just like Daddy.

Kaylynn being biggest sister.

Proud big brother.

The classic sleeping daddy picture.

This picture was taken while Kalli was playing with Cami. She kept moving her from pillow to pillow then covered her up with the blanket...then would lay down next to her and pull a blanket over both of them. It was quite cute....until Kalli dropped her. Woops! Good thing it was far to the floor.

Cami....long fingers.

Cami on Easter...her first very girly outfit
(Jeremie picked it out and bought it for her).

I love this one because it shows her very chubby cheeks.

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Angie said...

Wow!! Everyone has grown sooo much. Miss you all.
Aunt Angie