Saturday, February 20, 2010


As always, we had a great Thanksgiving with family in Idaho! This is where Alan met my two week journey as a single mom came to an end. We were all thankful to be back together! The kids were so good! Kalli was not used to all the new people, but she warmed up very quickly. The kids enjoyed making sugar cookies and bowling with their cousins.

Jeremie with Uncle Will at the bowling Alley.

The infamous hallway picture of the next generation....less David.
We will just imagine that he was there.

Aunt Angie teaching Kaylynn how to crochet.

Kids baking sugar cookies.

Jeremie at Aunt Roxy and Uncle Mike's house. We found lots of treasures around. The kids loved watching the cows and "exploring" the property. Jeremie decided that deer antlers were too heavy to carry permanently.

The kids LOVED playing with Great Grandpa John. Here they are covering him in pillows!

And Kalli's favorite game: Running full speed from the back of the hall to JUMP into grandpa's arms as he lifted her into the air. I don't know how he kept up with her.

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