Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice Skating

Our new favorite winter sport is ice skating (although I cannot say that I have done too much of it this year), buy Alan and the kids have. We have an outdoor rink a short walk through the woods from our house so we spend a lot of time there. We have also taken the skates to the local lakes and ponds and skated there. Jeremie really wants to play hockey when he grows up so we got him started with a stick and puck just passing it back and forth to daddy. Jeremie skates the same way he does everything.....FAST....he will skate as fast as he can from one snow bank the the next and just crash right into them. Kaylynn has improved a ton this year and is now learning to skate backwards and on one foot (she pretends she is a figure skater). This is Kalli's first year and she more or less walks in the skates, but she is getting used to them.

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