Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, there is only 4 weeks left until D-day. I think this picture was taken at 35 weeks. I am getting excited to meet this little one, and would have no problem if baby came a couple weeks early. The comments I get (everywhere I go) are: "you must be having twins," OR "You must be due anyday now." You should see the looks on people's faces when I inform them that there is actually only one baby in there and that I still have a month left to go. We have many people over here placing their guesses....BOY or GIRL???? What will it be? You can leave your guess in the comments if you like!!!

Teen Center Ice Fishing

The His Place Teen Center had an ice fishing weekend this year. We stayed at Dunn's camps and spent the entire weekend on the ice. We fished, had the first annual Teen Center Winter Olympics on the ice (which Kaylynn and Jeremie fully participated in), spent some good time with just the gals painting nails and getting to know each other, had an awesome time in the Word and Worship, and thanked the LORD for such a beautiful weekend.

Jeremie fishing....yes in his ice skates.
Kaylynn liked to pretend that the fish were talking.
Some of the crew right before the winter olympics.

Winter Carnival

Bethel Winter carnival was a blast. Our favorite was the Snow maze....which was only about 3 feet high but still very fun! We also did some sledding, ice skating, and rode in a snow CAT! It's amazing how one can spend hours outside in 18 degree weather when there are fun activities going on!


Kaylynn played basketball for the first time this year. We all had to laugh at her first practice (including Kaylynn) because she didn't know how to dribble the ball. It's amazing how much 6 weeks of practice can do! She can now dribble and shoot consecutive baskets. Now that basketball is over, she dribbles her ball all around the house and up and down the street. She LOVED going every week and even cried one week when basketball was canceled due to weather. I am sure she will play again next year.

Inside Silliness

Well, the winters bring out the silliness in us, and here is the proof.

Snow Tubing

Alan took the older two snow tubing. Kalli is too young and well...I am too pregnant. They had a blast of course and want to go again!


The other day, we looked out our kitchen window and saw a duck walking around in the snow so we got up and ran to the front porch and out the front window there was this whole family of ducks. The kids wanted to feed the little guys so for the next few days they came back and we fed them everyday. I guess they knew it was going to be a mild winter.

Ice Skating

Our new favorite winter sport is ice skating (although I cannot say that I have done too much of it this year), buy Alan and the kids have. We have an outdoor rink a short walk through the woods from our house so we spend a lot of time there. We have also taken the skates to the local lakes and ponds and skated there. Jeremie really wants to play hockey when he grows up so we got him started with a stick and puck just passing it back and forth to daddy. Jeremie skates the same way he does everything.....FAST....he will skate as fast as he can from one snow bank the the next and just crash right into them. Kaylynn has improved a ton this year and is now learning to skate backwards and on one foot (she pretends she is a figure skater). This is Kalli's first year and she more or less walks in the skates, but she is getting used to them.

Thanksgiving at the Ungrens

We also got to spend a fantastic night with good friends over yet more Thanksgiving food! More pies and turkey and mashed potatoes. YUM!!! We spent the evening eating, catching up, playing Rock Band, and enjoying good company. The kids also enjoyed playing with all their Washington Friends. The Mackeys were also there with their two girls, but unfortunately the pictures we took of them all turned out blurry.

Me and Jolene....not sure what we were laughing about.

Here we are with the four extra Ungren kiddos.
Yup, we would have loved to bring them home.

Kelly and her lovely, very chunky, want to squeeze littlest guy!

The guys and their best Rock Band Pose.

The guys and their best "normal" pose.
Reading to the kids at Grandma Ruie's. Baby belly getting bigger.


I just loved this picture of Kalli on Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Tom's boat. She had so much fun sitting on their boat while Kaylynn and Jeremie explored every inch of it.

Back to Washington

We also got to visit Alan's uncle George, Aunt Maureen, and Cousin Jeff. Alan's uncle raced his car at the Bonneville Salt Flats and broke a world record. The kids were very excited to see the "Saltosauras!"

The kids in the saltosaurus.

Cousin Jeff showing them how things work.

Hallway Pictures

Cara and Kalli decided to start their own hallway the closet.
They spent probably over an hour playing in the "toy closet."

Tea Party

And as is tradition, we had our very "formal" tea party with all the ladies (and any of the gentlemen who wanted to join). The one stipulation is that they follow the very basic tea party "rules" that Kaylynn laid out for everyone.


As always, we had a great Thanksgiving with family in Idaho! This is where Alan met my two week journey as a single mom came to an end. We were all thankful to be back together! The kids were so good! Kalli was not used to all the new people, but she warmed up very quickly. The kids enjoyed making sugar cookies and bowling with their cousins.

Jeremie with Uncle Will at the bowling Alley.

The infamous hallway picture of the next generation....less David.
We will just imagine that he was there.

Aunt Angie teaching Kaylynn how to crochet.

Kids baking sugar cookies.

Jeremie at Aunt Roxy and Uncle Mike's house. We found lots of treasures around. The kids loved watching the cows and "exploring" the property. Jeremie decided that deer antlers were too heavy to carry permanently.

The kids LOVED playing with Great Grandpa John. Here they are covering him in pillows!

And Kalli's favorite game: Running full speed from the back of the hall to JUMP into grandpa's arms as he lifted her into the air. I don't know how he kept up with her.


We also got to visit Aunt Angie in Oregon. We went to this way fun park where the kids played for hours. They loved this Sway Fun toy, especially when Aunt Angie and I rocked it together (it went really fast).

Then of course, they found the puddles and decided that they needed to sit in them! They were soaking wet by the time we left but not bothered by it at all.We warmed them up back at Angie's with jammies and hot chocolate. They also got to paint some Christmas ornaments and eat corndogs!!! What a treat!

Grandma Ruie

We enjoyed a great time visiting Grandma Ruie and Gizmo! Grandma had just had her hair done that day and was very excited about it. The kids loved walking Gizmo down the hall (I think she is the only dog that they are not afraid of).