Sunday, January 3, 2010


In November, we took a fantastic trip to the West Coast! The kids and Charity went out two weeks before Alan. The kids were awesome on the plane ride over, and we were blessed with lots of help at all the airports. They even wound up checking our bags for free and giving the kids rides through the airport on the rolling chairs (which was a HUGE blessing because we had 30 minutes to walk over a mile to our next gate). We would never had made it without their help!!! Once in Washington, we were busy busy!!!

Bowling with Uncle Chris, Aunt Lacey, David, Nathan, Aunt Angie, and Grandma Lynn.

Lattins Cider mill with Aunt Angie and Grandma Lynn.

Kaylynn got to sew her very own dress with Grandma Lynn.

Kalli and her buddy, Grandpa Tom.

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