Sunday, January 3, 2010

Children's Museum

Out side the museum in front of the beautiful capital....I was torturing them; they were so cold!At the hands on children's museum in downtown Oly!!! Everyone should have a house like this!!! We had a ton of fun playing with Grandma Lynn, Aunt Lacey, and Nathan. We were there all afternoon and could have spent even more time if our bellies weren't rumbling.
Kaylynn is in her element!!! She LOVES dressing up and being on stage.
She performed for us, and Kalli did all the sound effects.

Here's Kalli playing in the moon sand. She said, "take a picture of mine, Mommy." I said, "Kalli, what did you make?" She answered, "a Ferret!!!!" So here is Kalli with her Ferret!!! LOL.

Jeremie and Nathan construction workers!!!

Kalli taking a break on my favorite chairs. Do you think they sell these on Ebay?

Kalli was so angry with the water table because these long pieces would not fit the way she wanted them to. I offered to help her and so did Grandma, but she refused. So, I thought it was funny and had to snap a photo.

All the kids playing in the water table.

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