Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reid State Park

Another favorite place of ours is Reid State Park. There is a nice, warm lagoon, plenty of rocks to climb on, and miles of sandy beach. We frequented there this summer, and played in the freezing cold water (even though it rained nearly every time we went).
Alan and his friend, Mark riding the waves.

Alan and Mark right after they road the wave; they are so proud of themselves! I did not capture the moment after this when a wave snuck up behind them and knocked them both into the water. You can see Alan getting a little tippy in this photo. And yes, of course, he is wearing his jeans because once again, we were not prepared for swimming. When the water temp is only 50 degrees you never expect to actually go in, but we did!

Kids drying off in this cool teepee thing we found.

Kaylynn enjoying the freezing cold water!

Daddy and Kalli running from the waves.

Kalli in Action!

Jeremie in action!!!

We always have a wonderful time visiting the Maine ocean beaches. There is something for each one of us to enjoy! This trip we enjoyed with our good friends Mark and Tamara and their lovely children Jasmine, Lily, Owen, and Daisy. So glad they braved the freezing water with us!!!

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