Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Acadia National Forest

We had an exciting vacation to Acadia National Forest and Fort Knox this summer. Alan's cousin Jeff came to visit so we all packed up and headed for the the coast for some camping. Brian, Louise, Gabe, Jaden, Ean, Kay, Les, and Jeff. We had never been to Acadia so we weren't sure what to expect, but we loved it. The weather cooperated for the most part; it only rained one day while we were there....although it rained enough for our tent to flood (the first time ever) so we had to stay in a cabin one night which the kids loved!
Here's Jeremie at Fort Knox attempting to pick up a cannon ball.

Kaylynn in the oven.

Alan and the kids in one of the old store rooms at Fort Knox.
This fort is so cool; we could have an amazing game of hide and seek here.

Yes, my son is peering down the barrel of a cannon.

While at Acadia, we took a leisure 3 1/2 mile hike around Jordan Pond. No touching the water...it is their drinking water. This was a beautiful lake, and the kids (with the exception of Kalli and Ean) hiked all the way around it!

The Beaver home we saw.

Taking a break.

Is that a sign of a beaver or a sign of a pregnant mama and her 6 year old?

Kalli hitching a ride.

Cute picture of Ean at Sand Beach.

Playing in the water at Sand Beach.
It was actually warmer this day.....and they are wearing their swimming clothes.

Jeremie was not too interested in playing in the water;
he and Gabe and Jaden were busy building a sand city.

Family portrait at Cadillac Mountain. This is one of the bigger tourist spots in Acadia. We were not too impressed because there were too many signs that said, "stay on the path" or "do not walk here." It frustrated the kids that they couldn't explore more of the area. So, we walked around, took a picture and went to the beach.

Kalli entertaining herself on the way home. Who needs toys?

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