Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Fun!

Kalli LOVES dressing up. Here she has Kaylynn's dress,
a lovely pink scarf, and Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Kids enjoying the pool!!! They spent as many hours as they could in it. Thanks Mark and Tam.


We had our first garden this year!!! Here are some early summer pics. I will post the later summer pics after I catch up the blog! The one above is broccoli and the one below is the whole garden before everything really starting growing. We grew pumpkins, cantaloupe, watermelon (all of those died though), chives, cucumbers, radishes, peas, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, beets, carrots, and beans.

Kaylynn and Alan weeding! They worked out a nice system with these chairs.


We have enjoyed many hiking trips this summer, and this was one of our favorites, right around the corner from our house (Perham's Rock Quarries). The hike was a nice incline and took us about an hour and a half. The kids made it all the way up...through the mud, rocks, and water. We found many beautiful rocks and minerals at the top along with some amazing views!

I just want you to notice what Kalli chose to wear on the hike (her ballet tutu).
The View from the top.


CHICAGO! I was blessed to visit Dana this past June in her lovely hometown Chicago. We enjoyed catching up and also making new memories. Above you can see the beautiful Chicago skyline taken from the 95th (I think) floor bathroom.

And Taste of Chicago was fun! We tried many new flavors, including stuffed plantain, and a Super Hot Indian dish that made my entire body HOT!
Stuffed Plantain was delicious!
Here we are at the Counting Crows concert. I kept waiting for some old familiar songs.
And we took this picture because we both squeezed through that tiny fence behind us. We should try again in ten more years. :)
Thank you Dana, I had a wonderful time! Miss you!