Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kaylynn is 6!!!

Kaylynn had a wonderful 6th birthday. She wanted a costume party here at home so that's what we did. Kaylynn started the afternoon as supergirl then switched to a bride. Jeremie was a knight, Kalli was a "swan princess," I was the new and improved Shera Princess of Power, and Alan was a stormtrooper which the older kids loved and the younger kids were frightened.
We all had a good time!

Kaylynn blowing out the candles on her cake....she almost knocked the cake over with those mighty blows.
We made a castle cake again this year. The kids LOVED decorating it. We made the whole thing from scratch...part of our "no added chemicals" nutrition. So, the strawberry frosting had real strawberries and so did the strawberry cake. YUM.

Grandma Kay as the press (photographer). She is the one credited for all these wonderful pictures, and Kalli with her baby.

We also did some three legged races....which originally I intended to do outside, but it was pouring so we did them anyway....inside. It was fun but a little cramped trying to squeeze through doorways.Kaylynn and Shannon.
Jeremie and Isaiah

Yes, even the grown ups got in on the three legged races. Actually it all started because we enjoy three legged racing with the kids so Kaylynn asked if she could do it at her party. I love it!
Pictures of the gang...well, most of those dressed up. Gramma Kay and Papa Les were dressed up to as a member of the press and a mechanic. Yes, the girls all have oranges in their mouths. And we were surprised that all the kids cooperated for the pictures.

Kaylynn (as supergirl) with Jeremie (as a knight) and Shannon (as a princess).

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