Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Maine Bugs

I posted my black fly encounter so I thought it fitting to also post about my tick encounter. We have seen many ticks here in Maine but we have never actually had one...well....attached. We visited some friends on the coast this weekend and went tromping around in their woods (not really thinking that the ticks would still be out so late in October). I woke up this morning and bumped my leg on a toy (very typical) and it hurt more than it should. Of course, I had to look, thinking it a little odd that I would bruise that easily. Sure enough, there was a nasty tick enjoying a snack. Alan had to pull it out with Tweezers...they do not give up easily. And now, I have a very sore leg complete with frequent burning sensations (although it is getting better). We had to keep the tick and freeze it just in check it for lyme disease. Anyhow, I will not post a picture (you don't need the image). Just another reason to move to maine!!!

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