Monday, May 26, 2008


Everyone always asks for pictures of us...I guess we get distracted taking pictures of the kids. So here is one of just the two of us....and actually the only reason we have this one is because Kay was making a book for Grandma Ruie and did not have a shot of the two of us together so she took it at her house. :)


Kalli is still not walking, but she makes up for it in climbing. I have multiple heart attacks every day because of the things she chooses to climb on! She loves playing in boxes and...lately....unpacking everything that I have packed.

Jeremie's third birthday

Jeremie just turned the big three which he says "free." He had a "piderman" birthday which was a big hit for all his little friends. He loves to play lightsabers with daddy, take care of Kalli (who he calls his baby), and antagonize his cousins. He told me the other day that he is a very big boy and that now that he is a big boy he does not have to listen to his mommy. You can imagine my response. He sure is fun!

Kaylynn Lost a Tooth

Kaylynn lost her first tooth. We hadn't even discussed the fact that she was going to lose them when one became loose. The first picture is of the loose tooth and the next one is "mom, it fell out while I was sleeping!"

Kaylynn was a flower girl just recently. Of course, she enjoyed every minute of it. We had to continually remind her that the wedding was about the bride. She did a fantastic job laying an extremely straight line of petals down for the bride. It literally took her at least five minutes to make it down the aisle. It was adorable and certainly a reflection of her perfectionism!