Saturday, April 26, 2008

Boston Aquarium

Spring is Here!!! And we are enjoying it
immensely....especially with 80 degree days!!! We took the kids on their first train ride to Boston to explore the New England Aquarium. The train was very exciting (and a whole lot less stressful for mom and dad), especially the "cafe car." The aquarium was full of common and not so common aquatic life, including sharks, giant sea turtles, and sea dragons. The kids favorite part was the GIANT tank stretching up the middle of the three story aquarium. They enjoyed touching star fish, crabs, and sea life in the hands on tank. We got up close and personal with a baby anaconda and some African Penguins. The kids enjoyed taking a much needed break in the "kids discovery" room where they built towers, played games, listened to stories, and chewed on toys (in Kalli's case). They were bitterly disappointed that the octopus never woke up, despite their....shall we say... encouraging??? "Octopus, WAKE UP!!!!" "Octopus, why aren't you moving?" "Octopus, we will come back later and see you." It was very entertaining.
A wonderful spring break trip for all of us!

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